The compact palmOTDR now offers even more testing capacities, flexibility and value with combination of 850/1300/1310/1490/1550/1625/1650nm (Mono/double/triple wavelength) OTDR, 1310/1490/1550nm PON Power Meter, Stabilized Laser Source and VFL. The OTDR wavelengths cover the applications of regular end-to-end fiber characterization (1310/1550nm), premise/enterprise LAN testing (850/1300nm), FTTx fiber link construction verification (1490nm) and PON live fiber troubleshooting (1625/1650nm with filter). The integrated PON Power Meter can perform in-service testing of all PON signals (1310/1490/1550nm) on any spot of the network featuring pass-through design and burst mode support. palmOTDR is your ultimate solution to meet various testing requirements of entire fiber network.


◆ Comprehensive fiber applications, ideal for LAN/WAN/FTTx certification & trouble-shooting:SM: 1310/1490/1550, 1625/1650nm (with filter), up to 50dB MM: 850/1300nm, 21/24dB
◆ Fault locating, fiber length/loss measurement, connector/ splice/ splitter/ macro bend/fiber-end detection
◆ Built-in PON Power Meter for Triple-play live measurement
◆ Optional Stabilized Laser Source, SM/MM Power Meter and VFL FTTx in-service testing/ Testing through splitter: (1625/1650nm with filter)
◆ Splitter & fiber-end identifiable
◆ Auto/Manual(2-point/5-point)/Averaging/Real-time test
◆ Pass/Fail assessment and ORL test function
◆ Quick start: <5 seconds
◆ Excellent user interface, handheld & lightweight (1kg)
◆ Hotkeys: easy to use, push-and-test
◆ 1000 test records storage
◆ Bellcore file format (.sor)
◆ PC software for batch data processing
◆ USB data interface, driver-free
◆ Multiple languages: EN/DE/IT/FR/ES/PT/RU/KR/VN/CN etc.
◆ 8 hrs continuous operation/20 hrs standby
◆ Dust-shock proof (2mdrop test)
◆ CE, FCC, FDA certificates


• In-service testing (1625nm with filter)

• Testing through splitter, splitter and fiber end identifiable

Live Optical Signal Check:

When OTDR tests with 1310/1490/1550nm wavelength, the live signals transmitting in the tested fiber may not only affect OTDR measurements but also damage the equipments connected to the network (SDH/WDM/PON) and OTDR receiver. palmOTDR series avoids the problem by starting in-service communication check before testing with message warning and auto termination functions to effectively protect test instruments and communications equipments.

Built-in PON Power Meter:

The integration of PON Power Meter into such a small unit of palmOTDR makes FTTx certification and troubleshooting an exciting experience and efficient work. The PON Power Meter module can perform in-service testing of all PON signals (1310/1490/1550nm) on any spot of the network featuring pass-through design, burst mode and Pass/Warning/Fail assessment function, which can greatly help you evaluate PON signals transmission quality.

Extended Stabilized Laser Source:

Stabilized Laser Source shares palmOTDR optical port and work on the same working wavelength of palmOTDR.

Extended Optical Power Meter:

◆ No warm-up

◆ Absolute power value and power loss measurement

◆ High accuracy, zero shift

◆ Power monitoring, high-low limit setting

◆ Reference setting

Extended Optical Connector Inspector Module (MCI100 module):

◆ Focusing knob for fast focus

◆ Eye-safe and clear video viewing

◆ Interchangeable connector tips(male and female, PC and APC, 1.25mm and 2.5mm etc.)

Optimized Interface design:

◆ Graphical User Interface

◆ Color and High Resolution

OTDR LinkImage Software:

OTDR Trace Manager Software:

TraceManager software can display, analyze and edit trace files, generate and print comprehensive test and analysis reports in various forms.

◆ Trace viewing, events analysis

◆ Batch editing and flexible printing

◆ Trace viewing, events analysis

◆ Multi traces comparison

◆ Batch editing and flexible printing

◆ Bidirectional testing (Optional)

◆ CSV/ASCII report formats


Model (1)



Dynamic Range(2)





Selectable Range (Km)

0.1,0.3,0.5,1.3,2.5,5,10@850nm; 0.1,0.3,0.5,1.3,2.5,5,10,20,40,80@1300nm;


Pulse Width10ns,30ns,100ns,300ns,1µs@850nm; 10ns,30ns,100ns,300ns,1µs,2.5µs@1300nm; 5ns,10ns, 30ns,100ns, 300ns,1µs,2.5µs,10µs,20µs@others
Averaging TimeQuick, 15s, 30s, 1min, 2min, 3min
Distance Measure Accuracy±(1m+ 5×10-5×distance + sampling space)
Attenuation Detect Accuracy±0.05 dB/ dB
Reflection Detect Accuracy±4 dB
Data Storage1000 records
ConnectorFC/PC(Interchangeable SC, ST)
Power SupplyRechargeable Battery / AC Adapter
Battery Life8 hrs continuous operation, 20 hrs standby (on one charge); recharging time < 4 hrs
Operating Temperature-20℃ ~50℃
Storage Temperature-40℃ ~70℃
Relative Humidity0~95% (non-condensing)
Weight1kg (2.2 lbs)
Dimensions (H×W×T)220×110×70mm (8.7×4.3×2.7 inch)
Visible Fault Locator Module(5)
Wavelength (±20nm)650nm
Output Power (dBm) ≥-3
MaxMeasurementRange5 Km
Stabilized Laser Source Module(5)
Wavelength (±20nm)Same as OTDR working wavelength(5)
Output Power (dBm)≥-7
Optical Power Meter Module(5)
Calibrated Wavelength (nm)850,1300,1310,1490,1550,1625
Power Range (dBm)-70 ~ +6 (-60 ~ +6 @ 850nm)
Detector TypeInGaAs
Display Resolution0.01dB
Accuracy± 5% ± 0.01nW (±0.5dB@850nm)
MOD Identification1K, 2K Hz
PON Power Meter Module(6)
Calibrated Wavelength1310nm1490nm1550nm
Measurement Range(dBm)

-40 ~ +8

(Burst mode: -30 ~ +8)

-40 ~ +8-40 ~ +20
Spectral Passband (nm)1310±401490±101550±10
Power Uncertainty (dB)≤ 0.5
Display Resolution (dB)0.01
Insertion Loss (dB)≤ 1.5
Threshold60 user-definable threshold sets
Data Storage1200 records
MCI100 Optical Connector Inspector Module

Standard : 25-U-M: FC/SC/ST/E2000  UPC male; 125-U-M

:LC/MU  UPC male; 25-U-F : FC/SC/ST/E2000  UPC

female; LC-U-F : LC  UPC female;

Optional: 125-A-M : LC/MU  APC male; 25-A-M : FC/SC/ST/E2000  APC male; SC-A-F : SC APC female; FC-A-F : FC APC female; LC-A-F : LC APC female;

Weight / Size150g/ 165×38×35mm


(1)   Specifications describe the instrument’s warranted performance, measured with typical PC-type connectors. Uncertainties due to the refractive index of fiber are not considered.

(2)   The dynamic range is measured at maximum pulse width and averaging time of 3 minutes.

(3)   Conditions for dead zone measurement: Reflection event is at0.6Km, reflection intensity is less than -45dB, event dead zone is measured with pulse width of 10ns; attenuation dead zone is measured with pulse width of 10ns.

(4)   1625nm can be replaced by 1650nm.

(5)    Visible fault locator module, Stabilized laser source module and Optical power meter module is standard on -VPSI models. Stabilized laser source shares palmOTDR optical port and work on the same working wavelength of palmOTDR.

(6)    PON power meter module is standard on P11C, and P31C.

Ordering Information

Standard Package Includes:

Instrument, FC/PC connector, Rechargeable battery, TraceManager software CD, USB Data cable, AC adaptor, Soft carrying case, Warranty card, Certificate of calibration, Quick reference guide.


palmOTDR-XXXX-VPSI: Visible Fault Locator module , Optical Power Meter module,  Stabilized Laser  Source module and Optical Connector Inspector Module for palmOTDR;

MCI100 Module: Optical Connector Inspector

LM100 Function: LinkImage software

Splicer unit x1, Fiber holder x 1 (pair),Lithium battery x 1,Power adapter x 1,Fiber cleaver x 1, Cooling tray x 1,USB cable x 1, Carry case x 1, Quick Reference


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