High Resolution OTDR : LOR-220

The LOR-220 is part of the LOR-200 family of fully portable stand-alone OTDRs. The instrument is integrated in a Windows based PC-platform with touchscreen interface.
The LOR-220 is based on Luciol’s novel scanning photon-counting technology (US patent #7,593,098). It is the highest resolution instrument of this family, well suited for short range fiber testing in aviation, automotive and similar applications.


  • 1ns optical pulse-width for shorter dead zones.
  • High dynamic range for loss and reflectance measurement
  • Avionics applications optimized model
  • Singlemode, multimode and dual SMF/MMF version available
  • Wide range of wavelength options (400 to 1650nm)
  • Lightweight stand-alone OTDR
  • Extra options: VFL, OPM, fiber-microscope, table top format
  • Plastic Optical fiber (POF) version available
  • Remotely controllable through Ethernet connection
With the optical pulse-width of only 1 ns the LOR-220 is optimized for short range fiber assembly testing. It has industry-leading resolution and dead-zones.  A large variety of wavelength options are available, up to 4 different emitters can be integrated in a single module. The fiber options include single-mode and multi-mode versions.
Models  designed for aviation applications are available. Benefit from the LOR-220’s high resolution for troubleshooting, fiber monitoring and precise fault location.


All applications demanding  highest resolution optical fiber testing will benefit from the LOR-220’s  short dead-zones and high dynamic range:

  • Avionics
  • Aerospace
  • Defense
  • Automotive
  • Components
  • Fiber assemblies
  • IL/ORL testing
  • Fiber manufacturing
  • And many more


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