Hand-Held Optical Connector Polisher-PFP-40

When there are some scratches on the end face of optical connector,these connectors should be replaced,that could be a waste of money and not be flexible.Therefore,the PFP-40 could be the best solution for your problem.The PFP-40 would be suitable for field assembly or repolishing of optical connectors in optical network installation and maintenance.High polishing quality equivalent to that of factory use polishers can be achieved.


It is very suitable for repairing the chippings, serious scratches and serious pollution of the fiber jumper ending.

* It is suitable for fiber ending of FC/PC, SC/PC, LC/PC.

* Easy carrying battery powered can use in the filed Handy-  carrying case, dry battery.

*  The time of repairing is 1-3 min. Polishing time: approx 3min

*  Stable Packing

*  Save Time and cost



Battery Capacity2000mah
ChargerInput AC 220V 50HZ ; Output DC 12.6V 1.5A
Maximum Power3W
Grinding Speed0~340RPM
Regular Time1~30min


Polishing Process

Install the optical connectro on the grinding tool

*  Turn on the power and lamp lights.

* Adjust the speed and time of grinding.

* Push the key of “ON/OFF”, this machine will start working automatically.

*  When the schedule time arrives , the machine will stop working a automatically.




Any Contamination such as dust particles, oil and other residues could cause an air gap or misalignment between fiber cores. Therefore it may block and degrade the optical signal. The martin Technical Research Company took this into research, that 8% user and 90% telecom operators have this problem caused by dirty endface of fiber optic connector. On the other hand, 72% user and 89& telecom operator have   suffered the problem that made by bad polishing. This index is much higher than other failures caused by other operators.
Technical Specification:

Internet User Reasons Of Fiber Error Telecom Operators
80%Pollution Of Terminal Junction98%
72% Bad Polishing88%
40% Connector Open86%
8% Wrong Signage86%
34%he Surface Of Terminal Junction Damage82%
36% Adverse Weld74%

Especially the local area, there are so many fiber and communication equipment. During the operation, there are always some impressive problem such as dust, oil and other residues, which may degrade the optical signal.


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