Digital TV Modulator & Filter

Universal HDMI to RF modulator delivers 1080p HDMI video to TVs as HD Cable TV, ATSC, or terrestrial channel over coax network in COFDM modulation. Single- or multi-channel programs can be configured in a specific frequency range with selectable 6, 7, or 8MHz bandwidth. Multiple modulators can be cascaded to increase the number of channels to support SMATV system. They are a great choice to compose and transport video/audio signals from Satellite/Cable TV set-top boxes, surveillance cameras, video streaming devices,s or any HDMI media player.


Main Features

Highlights of Universal HDMI to RF Modulator

❖ Distribute HDMI source videos from set-top box, DVD player, surveillance camera, or video streaming device to TVs over coax network
❖ Convert any HDMI video source in 720p, 1080i, or 1080p resolution to all TV standards – J.83A/B DVB-C QAM, ATSC, DVB-T, or ISDB-T(b)
❖ Add extra HD quality H.264/AVC or MPEG-2 video with AC3 Dolby audio to the existing Broadcasting or Cable TV channels
❖ Intuitive on-panel LCD and Web-based configuration
❖ Compact, reliable, durable, expandable, and cost-effective HDMI to RF modulator for home and business applications

Highlights of Digital TV Channel Filter

❖ Programmable Terrestrial TV and Cable TV channel filter, combiner, converter, equalizer and amplifier
❖ Capture and compose 32 TV channels to multiplex output channel plan with Automatic Gain Control (AGC)
❖ Support all TV standards – ATSC, DVB-T, ISDB-T(b), DVB-C with 6, 7 or 8 MHz channel bandwidth
❖ 4 input ports with integrated preamplifier and 12 VDC (antenna) power supply
❖ Adjustable output power level between 33 and 53 dBmV to drive signal coverage of multiple TVs
❖ Intuitive on-panel LCD and Web-based configuration
❖ Compact, reliable, durable, expandable, and cost-effective TV channel filter for home and business applications


HDMI to RF Modulator & Filter


HDMI to RF Modulator – DVB-T or ISDB-T & DVB-C

  • ST-7632 1-Channel HDMI to DVB-T/ISDB-T and DVB-C (J.83A) (150 to 850MHz) Modulator, 75Ω F
  • 2.4″ LCD and Keypad Operation, OFDM Modulation, H.264/AVC Video Encoding with AC3 Audio, Video HD Input/Output up to 1080p@30, 7MHz or 8MHz Output Signal Bandwidth, 9 to 40dBmV Output Power Level, AES Scramble.

Digital TV Channel Filter – ATSC, DVB-T or ISDB-T & DVB-C

  • ST-8802 32-Channel Digital TV Channel Filter (174 to 862MHz), 75Ω F
  • 4 x 75Ω F CATV or Aerial TV input with Preamplifier and 12VDC (Antenna) Power Supply, 1 x 75Ω F CATV or Aerial TV Output, 2.4″ LCD and Keypad Operation, 9 to 53dBmV Output Power Level.


Triple Play Delivery

Universal HDMI to RF modulators and/or digital TV channel filter composes the signal from various video/audio sources, e.g. Satellite/Cable/Terrestrial TV drop or set-top box, DVD/Blue-Ray player, camcorder, surveillance camera, video streaming device, or any HDMI media, to single- or multi-channel high-definition (HD) digital program in DVB or ATSC format. The output of the modulator/filter can then be multiplexed with the signal of high-speed Ethernet/IP data with MoCA adapters to deliver triple-play service to rooms/homes in a multi-dwelling unit (MDU) over a single coaxial cable.

The re-modulator is a device in Cable/Satellite/Terrestrial TV plant to receive an open-circuit television signal. The input transport stream (TS) directly feeds to the modulation chip, adjusts the modulation output mode, and thereby converts the open-circuit television signal into the closed-circuit system to deliver digital video content to subscribers with


❖ Output Power             10dBmV to 40dBmV

❖ Resolution                   up to 1920 x 1080

❖LNB Power                   18VDC

❖ Channel Bandwidth     6MHz, 7MHz or 8MHz




Hotels, restaurants, digital signage, apartment complex, or office buildings can take advantage of the exiting cable wirings to deliver high-speed data and Wi-Fi together with video content without laying fibers to penetrate windows, walls, and ceilings. The Ethernet over Coax data service is independent on Access technology used to deliver high-speed data pipe after EPON, GPON, XG-PON1/2, 10G-EPON, or 5G front haul.

HDMI to RF Modulator Delivers 1080p HDMI Videos to TVs as HD Cable TV, ATSC, or Terrestrial Channel over Coax Network

❖ DVB-T                        75Ω F
❖ ISDB-T/Tb                  75Ω F
❖ ATSC                          75Ω F
❖ DVB-C (J.83A/B)        75Ω F
❖ RCA (Optional)           A/V Jack

Output 75Ω F
❖ DVB-T                        50MHz to 860MHz
❖ ISDB-T/Tb                  50MHz to 860MHz
❖ DVB-C (J.83A/B)        5 to 860MHz
❖ ATSC                          150MHz to 850MHz

Digital TV Channel Filter Captures and Composes up to 32 TV Channels to Mulitiplex Output Channel Plan with Automatic Gain Control (AGC) over Coax Network


❖ DVB-T                      75Ω F
❖ ISDB-T/Tb                75Ω F
❖ ATSC                        75Ω F
❖ DVB-C (J.83A/B)      75Ω F

Output 75Ω F
❖ DVB-T                       174MHz to 862MHz
❖ ISDB-T/Tb                 174MHz to 862MHz
❖ DVB-C (J.83A/B)       174 to 862MHz
❖ ATSC                         174MHz to 862MHz


IPTV & Wi-Fi

Ethernet / IP
❖ Hi-Band                     1.1GHz to 1.6GHz
                                       800Mbps to 2.5Gbps
❖ Low-Band                   5MHz to 95MHz
                                       300 to 600Mbps

With higher Ethernet/IP speed over coaxial and Wi-Fi coverage, both IPTV and Broadcast TV can be delivered to TVs, tablets, and smartphones inside the building.