Cladding Alignment Splicer/OFS – 95EA

OFS-95EA optical fiber fusion splicer is designed with high-speed image processing technology and special precision-positioning technology. It will automatically finish the whole fiber fusion process in 9 seconds by fast mode, and splice loss is lower than 0.02dB for single mode fiber. 3.5-inch LCD, dual CMOS monitors, X and Y axis separately display or simultaneously display, thus different fusion stages can be showed clearly. It is compatible with ITU-T SM/MM/DS/NZDS/ED fiber, and is equipped with 4-in-1 holders and SOC adapter.

OFS-95EA has small volume, light weight, AC/DC power supply and  200+ splicing and heating cycles, so it is particularly suited to telecommunications, radio and television, railway, electric power, military, research institutes for optical fiber communication construction and maintenance. OFS-95EA  is ideal for FTTH installation and maintenance.


Hardware Structure Design Feature

  • Compact and convenient:1.5kg with battery
  • Four motors, special precision-positioning technology
  • Splice Loss: SMF/BIF: ≤0.02dB(typ.); MMF: ≤0.01dB(typ.); DSF/NZDSF/EDF: ≤0.04dB(typ.)
  • High precision 4-in-1 holder (250μm/900μm/patchcord/FTTx indoor fiber etc),SOC holder
  • Battery and the host separation design, convenient maintenance and replacement of the battery
  • Double V-groove design
  • High strength portable straps design is convenient for hanging and operating
  • Inner light make the operation environment in the dark
  • Wind, sand and dust prevention, waterproof, aseismatic design adapt to the outdoor environment
  • Screen flip-over feature
  • 76cm drop proof / ISTA certificate
  • Optional GPS function

Software Design Feature

  • Auto checks fiber end-face, calibrate position of splicing, calculate splicing loss and temperature and pressure compensation and so on
  • Between X/Y single screen and X&Y easily switch
  • Auto splice, auto arc optimization, auto heating
  • ≤9s splicing time, ≤36s heating time (adjustable)
  • 3 hours fast battery recharge
  • Ready-package battery with electric quantityindicator, convenient carrying and change
  • Built-in counter to warn replace electrode

OFS-95 Holders

High precision 4-in-1 holder design exquisitely, operate conveniently, can hold 250μm, 900μm, 3mm patchcord and FTTx indoor fiber.


Display3.5 inch Color LCD,  X/Y / X / Y, Auto turn-over
Dimension125×125×135mm(L×W×H)(without rubber boot)
Weight1.2kg (without battery) / 1.5kg(with battery)
Fiber TypeSMF(ITU-T G.652), MMF(ITU-T G.651), DSF(ITU-T G.653), NZDSF(ITU-T G.655), BIF(ITU-T G.657), EDF
Fiber MaterialSiO2
Fiber CountSingle
Cladding Diameter80 – 150µm
Coating Diameter100 – 1000µm
Fiber Cleave Length8 – 16mm (Coating diameter: 0 – 250µm); 16mm (Coating diameter: 250 – 1000µm)
Sleeve Length≦60mm
Splice ModeArcing / 60 modes
Splice Loss EvaluationYes
Fiber CheckFiber cleaving angle / axis offset / loss / fiber alignment / focus etc.
Memory Space5,000 splices /100 screenshots
Tension Test2N
Electrode Life5000 arcs
V-groove IlluminationWhite LED
Splice LossSMF/BIF ≦0.02dB(typ.)/ MMF≦0.01dB(typ.) / DSF/NZDSF/EDF≦0.04dB(typ.)
Return Loss>60dB
Splice Time≦9 seconds
Boot Time5 seconds
HeatingAuto heating / 18 seconds (Typical, 0 – 240s adjustable) / 20 modes
Battery Life200+ (splice + heating) cycles
Imaging SystemDual CMOS cameras, 200x zoom
Power SavingAuto screen / power off (Adjustable)
Power Supply4400mAhLithium Battery
AC/DC Power Adapter (50/60Hz) 110~240V, DC14.5~15V
Working Condition-20℃ -+ 55℃ / -40℃-+70℃ (Working / Storage),
Humidity: 95%(Non-Condensing)
Altitude: 0 – 5000m,Wind Speed ≦15m/s


Splicer unit x1, Fiber holder x 1 (pair),Lithium battery x 1,Power adapter x 1,Fiber cleaver x 1, Cooling tray x 1,USB cable x 1, Carry case x 1, Quick Reference


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