Cable Integrated Detector/DTR-500


  • Optical Fiber Cable and Power Cable Path Detector can quickly and effectively confirm the direction and depth of underground optical fiber cable and power cable.
  • Could confirm the direction of optical fiber cable and power cable, using signal strength indicator, left and right arrow indicator, compass direction indicator. It has the facility of current direction indication and could prevent the interference of crossing cable.
  • It could directly display optical fiber cable and power cable depth with digits in 0-15 meters. The accuracy in 3 meters is about 5%, and the accuracy in 8 meters is about 10%.
  • Automatic sounding: when the instrument is placed vertically above the pipeline, the actual depth of the target pipeline would be displayed automatically.
  • Signal identification: accurately identify optical fiber cables and power cables from the three dimensions of signal amplitude, signal direction and signal phase.
  • Current direction indication: with unique technology, it could display the current direction and phase of the tracking signal, effectively improving the accuracy of searching path.


This machine is a multi-frequency with high-power transmitter, with constant power output and automatic matching of external load, which could ensure the machine to work in the best status. With ohmmeter, it could detect the external voltage and test the continuous circuit resistance to help judging the fault properties.
1) Available frequency: It could output 31 frequency sinusoidal AC signals. They are 98Hz, 128Hz, 256Hz, 480Hz, 491Hz, 512Hz, 577Hz, 815Hz, 982Hz, 1.02kHz, 1.17 kHz, 1.45 kHz, 1.52 kHz, 4.1 kHz, 8.01 kHz, 8KHz, 8.44 kHz, 9.5 kHz, 9.82 kHz, 29.4 kHz, 33 kHz, 38 kHz, 65.5 kHz, 78.1 kHz, 80.43 kHz, 82.3kHz, 83.1kHz, 89kHz, 133kHz, 200 kHz.
2) Fault detection and pipeline identification signals: FFLOW and FFHIGH, current direction signals: SS Low and SS High.
3) Owns the function of phase identification using SS intelligent signal.
4) Owns the function ohmmeter, which could detect external resistance and warning of external dangerous voltage.
5) Three signal emission modes: direct connection method, coupling method and induction method.
6) Automatic load adjustment.
7) Contents displayed: frequency setting, battery status, digitally displayed output current and circuit resistance, output mode, voltage alarm, phase identified by SS intelligent signal, external power, external voltage warning.
8) The output power can be adjusted, and there are four gears: low gear, middle gear, high gear and full gear.
9) The maximum output current is not less than 1A and the maximum output power is not less than 10W.
10) Large-capacity lithium battery power, which could work for 8 hours at full load.


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