ATSC & DVB Signal Level Meter

ST-5810 is the new signal level meter designed with cutting edge technologies and advanced platform to supports universal digital TV standards to analyze signals in real time, including spectrum analysis, demodulation parameters, and constellation.

Patented real time spectrum analysis methodology is used to provide precise spectrum scan and analysis functions over Satellite TV, Terrestrial TV, Cable TV and Over-The-Air TV signals in all frequency range. dCSS MDU and DisEqc applications are also supported.

ST-5810 equips with capacitive touch panel and high-resolution LCD screen. Together with intuitive graphical user interface and easy navigation user scenarios, the learning curve of operating ST-5810 is minimal.


❖ Fast and reliable signal data processing
❖ Patented dual-frequency spectrum scan and capture module
❖ All-in-one digital TV installation qualification
❖ Specific details of measurement statistics for channel quality
❖ Constellation for all kinds of digital TV signals
❖ Automatic channel discovery to build regional channel plan
❖ Pre-loaded channel plans for all TV standards
❖ Satellite rotor DisEqc control and dCSS MDU application support
❖ Antenna angle calculation and LNB power compensation
❖ Audible tone to reflect signal strength
❖ High-resolution LCD display
❖ Capacitive touch panel with multi-touch operation
❖ Intuitive graphical user interface and easy navigation user scenarios
❖ High capacity lithium battery for long operation and storage hours
❖ USB interface for firmware upgrade and file transfer
❖ Built-in parameters for global satellites and transmitters

Measurement of Signal Level Meter

Digital Video Broadcasting (DVB)

In addition to the traditional Satellite and Cable TV service to subscribers, Digital Video Broadcasting (DVB) is a set of international open standards for digital television broadcasting over the air. These distribution systems differ mainly in the modulation schemes used and error correcting codes used, due to different technical standards.

A multi-functional and versatile instrument that supports digital signals in digital TV broadcasting is the ideal tool for initial installations, service, and troubleshooting tasks to ensure quality delivery of digital content. The easy-flowing operation of the signal level meter can increase efficiency and productivity for all levels of technicians in the field.

Signal Level Meter Measurement

Key features of signal level meter to measure and troubleshoot the quality of digital TV broadcasting include Spectrum Analysis, Constellation, Modulation Error Ratio (MER), Bit Error Rate (BER), (Average) Power Level, AC/DC HUM … etc.




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