Starting in 2002 with fiber optic testers, ShinewayTech has become one of the fastest growing companies in global FOTE industry and is expanding product portfolio to RF and IP testing fields. Over the decade, ShinewayTech sales covered more than 70 countries and dominated China OTDR market from 2009. They are committed to providing innovative and competitive communications test & measurement solutions and utilities that enable our customers to meet the fast-paced operational challenges of today and tomorrow. ShinewayTech introduced the world first handheld optical time domain reflectometer (palmOTDR) with 5 patents in 2004 which opened up a new epoch of optic fiber testing application and has delivered unprecedented experience and global reputation of effectiveness, efficiency and easiness. Thereafter a wide range of successful products and solutions have been brought to the market including intelligent optical loss testers/power meters/laser sources, PON testers, WDM testers, multifunctional test platform and optical fusion splicers, making us one of the few original FOTE manufacturers with complete product line of more than 30 series and 200 models.

Dimension Technology, funded in 2007, is a leading supplier of Fiber visual inspection instrument in the global market. In 2008, Dimension Technology released SANA interferometer, the first non-contact fiber end-face interferometer designed and made in China. SANA interferometer is fully self-developed and patented. In 2010, Dimension Technology released BINNA automatic non-contact fiber end-face interferometer. In 2012, Dimension Technology was granted the national high-tech enterprise by Shenzhen government at the first batch. The BINNA MT single and multi channel integrated fiber end-face interferometer was released at the same year. In 2015, Dimension Technology cooperated with Shenzhen graduate school of Beijing University on the key technology development for river flow monitoring, funded by Shenzhen Science and Technology Innovation Committee Environment Protection Industry Development Project. Leading Ceramic Ferrule Concentricity Tester was released and multi technologies were patented at the same year. The first automatic fiber end-face cleaning and inspection instrument was released in October, 2015.Based on China market, Dimension Technology established global marketing networks. Their products won the widely approvals from the customers in North America and Europe.

Luciol Instruments S.A (a.k.a. Luciol) is a private Swiss Company located close to Geneva, Switzerland. Since 2001, Luciol is active in the field of fiber optic measurement and instrumentation. We put our experience and expertise to your service, to provide standard or customized innovative optical fiber instrumentation for different fields of application.Their core expertise is about photon-counting technology, which enables a new class of high resolution instrument, such as Optical Time Domain Reflectometers. These OTDRs have extremely high spatial resolution, which is impossible to achieve with conventional types of OTDRs.Luciol has sold hundreds of High Resolution OTDRs for various application and industries.