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Motech System is a communication test solution provider based in the Netherlands. With the rapid developing of communication network, Motech System works firmly with Internationally renowned suppliers to providing customers with professional services and solutions. Our core business specializes in meeting the demands of fiber optics and data network offering a series of quality products such as OTDR, fusion splicer, Ethernet test equipment etc. Our products can satisfy almost all needs of installers, contractors and service operators during network installation construction, maintenance and troubleshooting. In addition, daily maintenance have been taken into consideration like optical connector cleaning and scratch repair, suitable for routines in some data centers and laboratories.

In terms of fusion splicers and PON OTDR, with the popularization of the FTTH network, they are compulsory equipment for most companies related to communication network. The OFS-95 optical fusion splicer, palm PON OTDR promoted by Motch @ System are the designated products of three major carriers (China Mobile,China Telecom,China Union) and have been recognized by other countries’ telecommunication operators as well. Up to now,those products have been sold to over 70 countries . Our specialists would like to offer our customers what they need in testing field. Motech System will be your trusted partner.


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The compact palmOTDR now offers comprehensive fiber applications,

ideal for LAN/WAN/FTTx certification & trouble-shooting:

SM: 1310/1490/1550, 1625/1650nm (with filter), up to 50dB

MM: 850/1300nm, 21/24dB

Core Alignment Splicer/OFS-95S

  • Compact and light:1.7Kg with battery
  • 6 motors core alignment for precise high-quality splicing
  • Auto and manual splicing
  • Splicing≤9s, heating≤25s(time and power adjustable)
  • Arc counter prompts electrode change upon usage
  • Auto arc optimization
  • Auto heating

OPM-50 Intelligent Optical Power Meter

  • Automatic wavelength identification (with SLS-50 Laser Source)
  • Remote reference value setting
  • FTTx applicable
  • Internal clock & fiber S/N editable
  • Memory of 1000 test records
  • Data Transfer to PC via USB
  • USB power charging
  • 70 hours continuous operation